Medical Marijuana in Bangkok

The benefits of using marijuana for medical purposes are well-documented. It can help with pain relief, anxiety, PTSD, and even appetite loss. With the increasing usage of medical marijuana to help with symptoms of many different kinds of health conditions, we at Daddy's make sure to only supply strong flower that will get you the results you’re looking for. We hope that whatever weed we provide you help whatever condition you are dealing with.

Along with our recreational marijuana, Daddy's offers high-grade medical marijuana for our customers in Bangkok and other areas in Thailand. Medical marijuana users are welcome in the Daddy's marijuana dispensary. We take pride in helping Bangkok’s medical marijuana community relieve daily troubles and symptoms of medical conditions.

Aside from our great quality of weed, another aspect that sets Daddy's apart from other medical marijuana dispensaries in Bangkok is the friendly and helpful staff and budtenders. Our team works hard to provide a welcoming and comfortable experience as well as a simple purchasing process. The budtenders will suggest certain strains that they believe you’ll enjoy as well as inform you of upcoming deals and promotions.

At Daddy's we have thousands of medical marijuana patients who come into our Bangkok and Phuket locations as well as our stores around the United States. Because of the high-level service and top-shelf weed we consistently treat our customers many of them opt to have Daddy's as their primary medical marijuana dispensary and become long-term regulars. When you choose Daddy's to be your number one medical marijuana dispensary in Bangkok you can expect a higher level of service and overall experience. We take pride in our work and in serving our customers on a daily basis. We bring incredible values to the industry that we believe all marijuana dispensaries should adopt.

When it comes to selling medical marijuana products, Daddy's makes sure that each strain is thoroughly tested for quality so each customer can experience its full effect. Our goal with our medical marijuana is to help heal and provide relief. If you are unsure of which strain to smoke, we can give you our opinion but ultimately suggest consulting with your doctor. Knowing the difference between Indica and Sativa could help you make your decision.

If you’d like to learn more about Daddy's medical marijuana products in Bangkok don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call or write us an email. Our professional support crew is eager to provide you with any information you need regarding Daddy's, the marijuana we sell, deals and promotions, hours of operation, and more.