Marijuana Dispensary in Phuket, Thailand


We believe weed is one of the best natural ways to relax and reduce stress and pain. Daddy's is one of Phuket, Thailand’s first medical dispensaries offering a range of different strains and types of cannabis and cannabis products ranging from flower to extracts and edibles. We take pride in providing some of the best weed products around that are great for medical and recreational use. Daddy's has some of the best deals and most potent top-shelf marijuana in Phuket, Thailand grown to enhance your mood, diminish anxiety, and promote a higher quality of sleep. Marijuana has a large number of medical benefits including reducing inflammation, relaxing tense muscles, and stimulating your appetite. The meteoric rise in medical and recreational marijuana usage has helped improve the lives of many who suffer from existing medical conditions such as chronic pains, anxiety, and insomnia. We believe that the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use in Phuket, Thailand will add to the rich culture and provide an exciting yet relaxing new activity for friendly get-togethers. When you visit Daddy's marijuana dispensary you can expect to be greeted by friendly staff who are incredibly knowledgable in many areas of the marijuana world. They will help guide you to find the strain or type of cannabis that will benefit you most if you are new to weed use and build a solid professional relationship with you and alert you of current and upcoming deals.

Daddy's is excited to be one of the first yet one of the most experienced marijuana dispensaries in Phuket, Thailand. With several partner locations around America, Daddy's will not only provide a wonderful customer experience but knows what some of the best edibles, concentrates, and flowers are and regularly offer great deals. Whether you’re smoking, vaping, or eating weed products, our range of strains offers different highs that you can relax and experiment with to find out which relaxes you the most. Many of our strains offer a sense of euphoria and focus in addition to a huge boost to comfort and relaxation.

We stand out from other marijuana dispensaries because we offer a friendly and personal experience from the minute you enter the establishment. Our budtenders will take care of you by helping point you to the ideal cannabis product if you are unsure of what to get right away and provide opinions and tips for all types of marijuana consumption. We also stock all kinds of equipment and gadgets that make using marijuana much easier and more convenient such as rolling trays, grinders, vape pens, batteries, bongs, dab rigs, and other handy tools essential to weed smokers.

Through the incredible cannabis products and consistently high-grade weed we have available, we know that the Daddy's marijuana dispensary will become a staple dispensary within Phuket, Thailand’s emerging stoner community. Whether you’re looking to smoke weed for the very first time or you’re quite experienced in the realm of marijuana, Daddy's is a terrific marijuana dispensary that is guaranteed to offer some of the highest quality and most sought after weed in Phuket. Additionally, we make your weed purchasing experience incredibly easy, convenient, and personalized meaning our staff will cater to your needs by listening to what feeling you want to experience while high and pointing you to a specific strain of weed that will help you get to that desired effect.

Please feel free to stop by Daddy's marijuana dispensary in Phuket, Thailand, and enjoy some incredible weed and great highs. We are confident that we’ll become your primary go-to weed dispensary in and around Phuket, Thailand, and look forward to providing you with a higher marijuana dispensary experience.