Marijuana Dispensary in Bangkok, Thailand

Daddy's marijuana dispensary supplies some of the best weed and marijuana store experiences in Bangkok. Our store has cannabis product that is available for online order and delivery but customers can also visit the storefront to select their own flower. As of now, Daddy's does not sell edibles or other types of cannabis products such as oils, tinctures, and concentrates however, we have a large number of different Indica and Sativa strains of weed for our customers to try and decide which they like the most. Each product has varying amounts of THC, cannabinoids, and/or CBD in each strain. This range is available for all visitors to choose from and buy at the highest quality. We take pride in the quality and strength of our weed and make sure all of our marijuana is high-grade and perfect to smoke.

We strive to become the primary marijuana dispensary for all stoners and weed smokers in and around Bangkok. In addition to the wonderful weed store atmosphere and chill vibe we provide our customers, our cannabis products are some of the highest-grade in Thailand. We have a large variety of Indica and Sativa strains as well as accessories such as rolling papers, trays, grinders, and more. To make your shopping experience at Daddy's easy and fun you can use our online store or buy from our convenient location in the heart of Bangkok.

Here at Daddy's, we selectively hire our budtenders, meaning they must be experienced in the weed community so that whether you’re smoking for the first time or just looking to achieve a certain kind of high, they can point you in the right direction to buy a specific strain. These budtenders contribute substantially to the chill and relaxed vibe that Daddy's marijuana dispensary gives off. They are not only friendly and professional but they are committed to providing you with a great time within our weed dispensary. Some of our regulars say the best part about our wonderful budtenders is that they take care of everything while you’re enjoying your time within our weed dispensary. They will help you find your favorite top-shelf cannabis strains on the shelf as well as provide valuable information about your experience with cannabis, including whether a specific strain will help with pain relief or if it’s the perfect strain for a fun night out. The budtenders also make sure that you’ve got everything you need before you leave the store!

High-quality weed is a guarantee when you shop at Daddy's marijuana dispensary. That’s because all of our marijuana is grown within Thailand by qualified and experienced growers who are passionate about weed. Along with Bangkok, Daddy's has a location in Phuket and in parts of America. We raise the industry standard when it comes to the marijuana dispensary experience and weed quality so that our customers are treated with a great time every time they visit our storefront. Daddy's prides itself on its expertise in handling marijuana products and providing a positive experience for our customers. We have always placed importance on weed quality, customer satisfaction, and the cannabis dispensary industry as a whole. This is why we are known for having some of the best top-shelf strains of marijuana available in Bangkok.

Whether you’re looking for an Indica dominant, Sativa dominant, or hybrid strain, you’ll find the flower you’re looking for at Daddy's. Our marijuana dispensary is known for its great vibes and bountiful selection of top-shelf bud. Beyond the quality weed we consistently stock, there is also a large number of accessories available for purchase. Smoking a joint or bowl is one of the best ways you can relieve tension and stress nowadays. It has become a popular pastime among the people of Bangkok. However, it is important to make sure that you are getting the highest quality weed for an enjoyable smoke session. That’s where we come in with our incredible cannabis products, prices, and long-lasting deals. Daddy's has been selling medical and recreational marijuana for several years and we would be honored to become your go-to dispensary. We proudly serve a wide assortment of marijuana strains for patients and recreational smokers alike. What makes us a favorite among so many is the quality of our product along with being able to find whatever strain you are looking for with ease. Whether you’re an experienced smoker or a first-timer, Daddy's will cater to your cannabis needs.