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What’s the Best Way To Consume Cannabis?

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The consumption of cannabis is here to stay, as it always has. With the constantly fluctuating but spreading legality of it, both researchers and users find new ways to use it to treat diseases and to seek pain and stress relief.

Is there a best way to consume cannabis? In order to answer this question we must first explore all the consumption methods available to users. As with most medicinal purposed products, it depends on more personal factors.

Methods of Consuming Cannabis

If two individuals consume the exact same amount and strain hybrid of cannabis, the effects still differ. That is how important the method of cannabis consumption is. It can alter the sought after results. Some mildly, some substantially.

Medical history plays a major role in the ultimate result of consuming cannabis. Let's briefly explore the main 3 methods.


Recreational marijuana consumption is widely synonymous with smoking it. Unfortunately, the carcinogens and toxins found in regular tobacco are also found in cannabis smoke. It doesn't matter how pure and pesticide-free the bud is. The enjoyment factor of smoking cannabis, however, is unrivaled.

Methods of Smoking Marijuana

For small quantities of marijuana - joints - simply use rolling paper, placing the dried flower in the middle and rolling it. For larger quantities - blunts - follow the same process but use cigar wraps.

Fortunately, cigarettes are not the only way to smoke marijuana. Small glass pipes, water pipes, and especially bongs are also favorites among users. Since bongs require water, cannabis smoke gets filtered so the inhale is not only larger but also cleaner and not as harsh.

Pros of Smoking Marijuana

Besides the obvious enjoyment factor, there are numerous pros in smoking marijuana.

First and foremost, it is simple and the process requires very few tools (rolling paper, grinder, filter). Second, the flower itself as well as the rolling paper are inexpensive and universal, which means easily obtainable. You can regulate the usage easy by smoking more or less. The effect is immediate and lasts over 2 hours, generally.

Cons of Smoking Marijuana

The inhalation of smoke is unhealthy, no matter how you put it. Moreover, it is best to check the legality with the local authority of the state you intend to consume cannabis in, as regulations are constantly changing.

For those that prefer to smoke blunts, cigar wrappers are even more toxic than rolling paper used for joints. Hollowed-out cigars still contain nitrosamines, which can cause cancer.

Many users inhale deeply and hold the cannabis in, which affects one's breathing mechanism in time. Rolling joints or blunts should be done on clean surfaces and in clean conditions. Sharing these around also increases infection risks, as it is like passing someone else's saliva around.

Users that prefer consuming from glassware should avoid plastic pipes and bongs, as these give off additional health-threatening chemicals. And of course, make sure that the glassware is clean.


A healthier alternative to smoking is vaping. The cannabis is heated up in liquid form until it releases cannabinoids and afferent compounds in the air. The resulting vapor is much easier on the lungs when inhaled.

Methods of Vaping

Aside from heating cannabis in liquid form in a portable heating device, some prefer to use dried cannabis flower. The main two methods of vaping are mouth-to-lung (holding the vaping device like a cigarette) or lung-to-lung, where the consumer inhales directly, like from an asthma inhaler.

Pros of Vaping

While it may seem expensive at first, there is no additional equipment after the initial purchase. If the device is well maintained, vaping is relatively inexpensive in the long term.

The spectrum of available strains is much wider for vapers. Like with cigarettes, vaping is regulated depending on how much or little you smoke.

Not only is a vaping device easy to use, but also does not cause a fire hazard. Vaping also offers various flavor combinations, or it can be almost odorless, making it a more discreet choice.

Cons of Vaping

Vitamin E acetate is a chemical that gets inhaled while vaping, which is considered a health risk. It can cause lung injury (EVALI).

While vaping actual cannabis is still more recommended over vaping concentrate, research on vaping is still in its infant stages. This can cause some unease in regards to vaping in the long term, if the list of side effects is still relatively unknown.


That's right, you can also eat cannabis. Edibles are not just limited to infusing bakery goodies with cannabis, Each state and dispensary offers different varieties depending on the state's marijuana laws.

Types of Edible Marijuana

Aside form the classic "special" brownies or cookies, marijuana can be used in the form of pills, tablets, powder, tinctures, topicals, cannabutter, oil, suppositories, and even transdermal patches. If you have a sweet tooth, you can choose between THC-infused chocolates, candy, drinks, to the extent of truffles, ice cream, and dehydrated fruit.

Pros of Eating Marijuana

Having a wide array of options is also an advantage for users with dietary restrictions. The choices are much more personalized.

They could not be easier to use, as they are basically food. So unless you chew loudly, edibles are as discreet and portable as it gets.

The effects may last longer than users who smoke cannabis, which also reduces the lung damage risk of the other two methods.

Cons of Eating Marijuana

A pro can also be a con. The risk of overdose is increased due to the longer effect edibles have. New customers, especially, beware!

Also, make sure to keep them out of children's or pets' reach, as edibles often come in colorful and fun forms.

What is the Best Method?

So is there a best way to consume cannabis? The easy answer is no. Like with everything medicinal, each method applies differently from one person to another. As long as it is legal in your state, choose the method with the fewest cons.

For further clarification about each method, contact one of our knowledgeable reps today!